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The first step in our process is an indepth report card analysis of the comapnies strengths and weaknesses. We will Identify gaps that may hinder growth or stand in the way of rapid growth and work with the Client to identify and address these points


The single most important step for a company to succeed, both in financing as well as operations, is setting strategy based, on defined goals as well as SWOTs, within the context of their Vision and Mission.

The process involves pre-work by the team and a proven model which delivers agreement on the key framework for a company launch and fund raising including Strategic Initiatives that define the actions and staff needed to move forward effectively




The final deliverable is the context for effective funding documents, independent valuation, likely investor profiles, and the Use of funds.


The Strategy unifies the team with their investors toward a common platform of understanding and enable carefully managed progress towards the exit and returns.


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